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Tuition and Fees

2022-2023 Tuition Rates and Policies

Enrollment Fees 

Kindergarten $395
Grades 1st –   5th $475
Grades 6th –  8th $500
Grades 9th – 12th $500
  • Classroom openings will not be reserved for a student until the Enrollment Fee has been paid.
  • Discounts/Refunds will not be given for Enrollment Fees.

This annual Enrollment Fee for grades K-12th covers the cost of registration, books, materials, our FACTS Student Management Software, Parent Alert System, and FACTS Financial Management System. It also covers the cost of networking hardware and infrastructure upgrades including firewall and content filtering software.  

2022-2023 Tuition Schedule

Grade    12 Months 10 Months Annual By July 1st*
Kindergarten $699 $839 $8,394 $8,142*
Elementary, 1st-5th $769 $923 $9,229 $8,952*
Middle School, 6th-8th $787 $944 $9,445 $9,162*
High School,  9th-12th $831 $997 $9,970 $9,671*

*A 3% prepayment discount will be applied to full tuition paying families who prepay the full amount by July 1, 2022 for the 2022-2023 school year.

Tuition Payment Plan

During the enrollment process, you must select an electronic Tuition Payment Plan. Tuition will be paid via auto draft of your
specified account. We do not accept payments for tuition at the school. The last day to sign up for a 12 month payment plan is
May 13th.

Once a payment plan is selected and payment has been made, no refunds will be given. Tuition and fees are nonrefundable.

TCPS reserves the right to release any student whose account becomes 30 days past due.

Multi-Sibling Discounts 

  • A $500 annual sibling discount will be available for each Full Time (Aug-May) student, beginning with the second child in K-12.
  • A $200 annual sibling discount will be available for each Full-Time (M-F, Aug-May) Preschool student, beginning with the second child.
  • Multi-sibling discounts are not available for part-time students.
  • Multi-sibling discounts are not available as an additional discount for any family that is receiving Need-based or other Scholarships.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance may be available to families who qualify and to the extent of availability of funding.  All families requesting tuition assistance must provide detailed financial information along with the completion and submission of the FACTS application. Tuition Assistance information and links to the application as outlined here on the school website. Preschool students are not eligible for need-based scholarships.

Due to limited availability of Tuition Assistance, returning families are strongly encouraged to apply at the time of re-enrollment. Tuition Assistance is considered on a year-by-year basis and a new application must be submitted each year.


Enrollment is assumed to be for the entire school year. Should a family separate enrollment during the school year, tuition (that is not prepaid) will be due through the month of withdrawal. Prepaid tuition will not be refunded.

In the event a family chooses to discontinue their payment plan, a written notice of 5 school (operating) days is required to cancel future payments.

Part Time Students

Tennessee Christian Preparatory School admits students on a part-time basis (up to 4 classes) , using a-la-carte class selection. Simply choose the classes you wish your student to take and pay the applicable fees. 

Grades 6-12

Enrollment Fees 2022-2023

    • $100 one-time FACTS Management fee* per student/per school year
    • $100 Enrollment Fee per class (not to exceed $300)

Part-Time Tuition 2022-2023

    • Price for 1 year-long course: $2,500
    • Price for 1 semester-long course: $1,250
    • Price for 1 quarter-long course: $625

Grades K-5

Core Class Enrollment Fees and Tuition 2022-2023

math, reading, language arts, science, social studies

    • $100 One-time FACTS Management fee* per student per school year
    • $100 Enrollment Fee per class (not to exceed $300)
    • $1,000 cost per class, per semester

Elective Class Enrollment Fees and Tuition 2022-2023

art, spanish, music, pe, technology

    • $100 One-time FACTS Management fee* per student per school year
    • $50   Enrollment Fee per class (not to exceed $300)
    • $500 cost per class, per semester (art, spanish, pe, technology)
    • $550 cost per class, per semester (music)

*The FACTS Management fee helps to cover the cost of our FACTS financial and classroom management tools used by faculty, staff, and families. This fee also helps cover the cost of our Family Text and Phone Alerts system and other technology tools utilized at TCPS. 

Part-time Extracurriculars

Part-time students are welcome to participate in extracurricular activities such as dances, school events, athletic games, field trips, clubs, and other activities as desired. However, part-time students may not hold a leadership position in a club or organization due to limited availability. 

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